Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am ready....I think!

Here are a few pics of my classroom.  
I think I am ready for my new firsties on Monday.  I only met 11 of my 18 on Friday at Meet the Teacher.  (I was a little disappointed in the low number, but I did have about 20 former students come back to visit, so that made up for it!  Some of them are in high school....Yikes!)
My family was in town visiting this week.  I put them ALL to work!  Hanging things, laminating, cutting, stuffing folders, running to buy more folders.  You name it, I asked them to do it.  They even made a trip to IKEA with me today for more stools!
From the front of the room
From the back of the room

Computer Area
My book area....the only shelving in my room. Wish it was hidden, but it is pretty organized right now!

Science dad made this anchor chart for me!  (Idea from Pinterest, of course!)

Teaching Area

Teacher Table

Don't forget about the TPT Back to School Sale that starts tomorrow!