Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pool Party Blog Hop

We heard that there was a pool party going on. Naturally, us Florida girls were all over that! We gathered our best pool party attire and came up with some great ideas for summer. So grab your friends and your flip flops and get ready for a fun-filled summer!

I don't know if you have heard. But we kind of love mango daiquiris. So it is only fitting that our recipe would include something mango! Our mango salsa is adapted from The Pampered Chef recipe but we have altered it to fit our tastes. 

If you are looking to cool down and relax this summer, this is the perfect snack to try.

Have you seen all of those awesome posts of people showing off their paintings? After investigating, we discovered it also included wine. Sold! We HAD to try it!

It is called Painting With a Twist! 

Go do this with your friends. It was so much fun. We have to admit, it was a little hard on our OCD but that was where the wine came in! It was a night filled with laughs and we had such a great time. It was the perfect way to unwind and have fun. Plus we left with a great painting to hang in our homes! 

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A Pool Party wouldn't be complete without a little fun.
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Hop through the Pool Party below!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2-D Shapes Sort

Earlier we shared how First Graders worked in cooperative groups to sort 2-D shapes. After the initial sort, students rotated to each paper to determine if the shapes were sorted correctly.  Groups then had to develop definitions for each group of shapes.

After this activity I wanted to make sure my students could do it independently so I created some practice pages.  Click the picture below to check them out!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Geometry Galore

Are you at that time of year too?

That time of year when you are surrounded by cylinders and rectangles?

And no, we’re not talking about those empty Coca Cola cans and stacks of end of the year to do list papers you have accumulating.

We have been busy working on shapes in Kindergarten and First Grade.

We began by exploring the different sizes and orientations of shapes. We made these charts for our students to use to sort the shapes.
In Kindergarten, each student had a set of shapes that they had to sort on to the papers. We discussed as a class if the shapes belonged where they were placed.

In First Grade, students worked in cooperative groups to sort the shapes. Students rotated to each paper to determine if the shapes belonged where they were placed. Then they had to develop definitions for each group of shapes.

We have also been working on identifying and classifying 2D and 3D shapes.

We thought a fun way to do this (and also tie the shapes to something they love) would be to sort food by their shapes. We made a mat for each child to sort their food on.
First Graders also learned how to partition shapes into halves and fourths. They finished the unit by using Play-Doh to practice creating plane shapes and partition them with Partitioning Tools. (Tip- call them Partitioning Tools instead of Plastic Knives and they will use them correctly and safely!) 
Do you need a resource to practice partitioning shapes? We posted a new product last week. It is a SCOOT. It is FREE!
Check it out.
* * Feedback is GREATLY appreciated! * *
Do your students still need some practice sorting and defining plane shapes? Check out one of our new products.

If you are looking for Math Assessments to wrap up the school year, check out our Standards in a SNAP.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Partitioning Shapes * * FREEBIE * *

Get your students Moving and Reviewing!

Grab this SCOOT to help your students review:

+ Partitioning Shapes Equally
+ Halves
+ Quarters

There are two Recording Page options included.

This product meets First Grade Standards. It can be used as enrichment for Kindergartners or review for Second Graders.

Monday, May 9, 2016

How To Organize Your Computer Desktop

It is no secret we are a bit OCD.

It is no secret we like cute things.

Our OCD and love for cute things carries over to our computers! Several of you have noticed and asked about our computer backgrounds.

We thought we would share how EASY it is to make your computer cute and organized!

It is EASY, we promise!!!

We both have Macs but the following steps should work for PCs.

Design your background in PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, etc. Use whichever format your are most comfortable with!

Step 1:
Create a document with landscape orientation.
Inserted a rectangle shape and chose a background from your clipart. You can also use a solid color.
Keep a little bit of white space around the margins. 

Step 2:
Add a shape for each category you need. 
Use clipart shapes or shapes from the program you are using.
Minimal is better for this. If the shapes are too busy, you can't see your folders. 
* * TIP: Do not place your shapes close to the edges! 

Step 3:
Add text boxes to label each category.

Step 4:
Take a screen shot of your creation.
On MAC, the Grab Application works well:

              1. Grab
              2. Capture
              3. Selection

Step 5:
On your computer go to Desktop Settings. This is different on every computer but we are sure you know how to change your desktop background! 

This is a time when you might have to see if everything fits. If not, simply go back to your original creation and make adjustments as needed. 

Move your folders to their new categories!
* * TIP: When you are ready for a change, duplicate your original creation and edit it. That helps with the borders, margins, etc!

We would love to see your cute and organized Desktops or hear if you have any tips and tricks!