Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dr. Seuss Things and Alliteration

Not my original idea!!!!  I saw these little Things floating around Pinterest but could not find a template, so here is my version!

To tie in opinion writing to our letter writing unit, we wrote OPINION letters to the Cat in the Hat.   I posed the question, "Do you think the Cat should have let Thing One and Thing Two into the house?" Of course they had to use evidence from the text to support their opinion.  ;-)

After the letters were complete, we made our Things.  Since I teach a combo class, we made Grade One and Grade Two Things.  The kids LOVED that little twist.   

Second grade was working on alliteration.  Great timing for Dr. Seuss Week!  The students did a carousel activity as a wrap up.

I put students into groups of two.  I gave each group a different letter and a different color marker.  Each group started out by writing a three word sentence with alliteration for their given letter.  The only requirement was that the sentence had to have a noun and an action verb.  Then we started our carousel, which was just a fancy way to say rotations!  Each group rewrote the same sentence as the group before them, adding only one word.  (This was great review for adjectives and a little preview for adverbs!)

Here are a couple of the final products.  Not super neat or cute, but the kids really enjoyed it.  We will be doing a carousel activity next week with adverbs. (Based on the second graders enjoyment and the first graders high interest in what the second graders were doing on the carpet with me, LOL!)

We are continuing with Dr. Seuss next week....Horton and Yertle!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Black History Month

I know this is a little late but here are some of our activities for Black History Month.  

For our school wide African American Read-In, the primary classes created a diversity quilt to display. Here is our quilt.

We read a lot of stories, but our favorite was The Story of Ruby Bridges.  The story really had an impact on my students.  They could not believe that a little girl their age could be so brave!  This was a fantastic refresher on character traits.  

Since we are in the middle of a Letter Writing Unit we wrote letters to Ruby.  After an easy, little craftivity, they made a cute display!

I made the templates for the craftivity.  If you are interested in them, let me know!