Sunday, February 19, 2012

Biography Writings (and a freebie)

Last week the story from our Reading series was a biography of  Ben Franklin.  We learned all about biographies and autobiographies.  Now we are writing a biography of our own about a friend.  First I had the students interview a friend.  (Of course I modeled this first and we had a long discussion about being professional reporters!)  After they completed their interviews, each group had to tell me something new they learned during their interview.  I strategically chose partners so students would learn about someone they might not be BFFs with.  There were a few groans at first, but when they shared what they learned about their partner they were very excited to tell me they found things they had in common!

Click HERE for your copy of the Interview I made.  I used the first grade print lines from a font program I have, but they do not transfer to Google Docs....sorry!

Head on over to my classroom blog to see video of some of the interviews...they tried to be so professional!


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