Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Giveaway Reminder and a Sweet Story

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And now for a super sweet story I just have to share!  Tomorrow Jack Hartman is coming to my school to put on a concert for our Kindergartners and Firsties!  (Yes, the for real, actual Jack Hartman.....Live.....In Person....at my little school!)  Be jealous....it is his 2nd year in a row!

I have been encouraging my kiddos to bring in their permission slips and $4 for a few weeks now.  $4 is a LOT for some of my families.  I just keep encouraging and saying, "Bring in what you can."  Yesterday my most enthusiastic little boy came bouncing in (literally bouncing, like I said, most enthusiastic).  He was sooooo excited to tell me he had his permission slip signed and that he had his $4.  I gave the expected excited response and had him write his name on the door.  (Which is a GREAT way to get things returned....kids love getting to add their name to any kinds of list, especially if they get to use a marker and it is on the door for EVERYONE to see.)  Then this super sweet enthusiastic boy continued his story.   "The Easter Bunny gave me $5.  I get to use $4 of it to pay for the concert."  I almost started crying right then and there.  I wanted to give it back and pay for him myself.  However, he was genuinely excited that he got to use his very own money for something he was really looking forward to.  Today when I was walking him to the bus he was holding my hand, bouncing up and down and talking a mile a minute about how much he was looking forward to the concert tomorrow and how glad he was that the Easter Bunny left him money.   He didn't complain about having to use his "own" money.  He was just focused on the fact that he gets to see a concert!

Moments like this are priceless and are what make teaching the best job in the world. They can even make those ridiculously stressful moments of being a teacher worth it;-).   If everyone could approach each day as excited and as positive as our students, think about how different life would be.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!  I cannot wait for the concert and plan on enjoying every minute of it with as much excitement as my students.


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  1. Such a sweet story (makes your heart ache though). Love the list on the door idea too!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade