Wednesday, June 10, 2015


When I was given a combo class the week before school started last year, I did what most teachers would do.....I started searching for ideas on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!  Unfortunately I didn't find many. Even though I started out last year being a little worried and a little overwhelmed, I can honestly say it was one of the BEST years of my teaching career so far.  And....I GET to teach a combo again next year! I am very excited. (Mainly because I have all summer to plan and prepare instead of only a few days!) 

This summer one of my goals is to share a Combo Class Tip with you each week. {Now that it is in writing, I HAVE to do it, right?!?!?!}
First up....Planning Ahead and Making Copies!
Okay, I admit I didn't start doing this until January{ish}. I am a planner. I plan ahead. I know...this is a GOOD thing. However, when I would get things back from copy center or pull things out of my filing cabinet, I would have to remember what I was planning and for which grade level. Writing the grade level at the bottom was a life saver. And SO simple!
Any other combo/split/multi-age teachers out there?

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