Thursday, July 2, 2015

July Currently

It is time for Farley's Currently!

Listening to Morning Drive...on The Golf Channel....
Yes there is a Golf Channel. And YES they have a morning talk show on EVERY morning. I am not a golfer but that channel is always on in my house!  (Let's just say I RARELY have control of the remote.)

Loving all of My New Followers!
In case you haven't heard, I am having a Giveaway. There are 4 fab prizes, including a TPT gift card. Click {here} if you want more details. Here is the Rafflecopter if you just want to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thinking that Spin is Tomorrow!
I went to my first Spin Class on Monday. It was fabulous. It was tough, but fabulous! I think it was extra rough not only because it was my first one, but also because I did an hour of Boot Camp right before Spin.

Wanting To Write in My NEW Planner!
I love organization and am a bit OCD. I ordered a new planner from Plum Paper on Etsy. I cannot wait to write in in, color code it, etc! It took a month to arrive but it is perfect so I can get past the month long wait!

Needing to Do Laundry.
Does anyone ever not need to do laundry?

All Star at Organizing!
Like I mentioned above, I love to organize and I am a bit (extremely, according to my family and colleagues) OCD. Oh, and kind of a perfectionist. But don't worry, I do not expect my students to be! Because of my "skills" I am teaching a combo class and seem to get assigned lots of extra duties at school. That is okay, I love it! This summer I am putting my skills to the test. I have taught summer school almost every summer since I started teaching. This summer I am going to be the Summer School Coach. It starts Monday but we had a couple days of Preplanning this week. I am enjoying it but I also quickly learning that "coach" in the summer has a different meaning. Apparently coach means in charge. Lots of planning, organizing, paper work, supply finding, decision making. Also, I was assigned a huge summer school site. There are as many kids in the program as in my whole school during the school year! I have a feeling I will be very busy and the 16 days will fly by!

Go see Farley to link up yourself while I start on that laundry!


  1. I found a chevron lesson plan book at Target for a dollar! I can't wait to write in it either! Super neat writing with the standard for every activity. I love summer break, but after July 4 I'm ready to head back to first-grade.

  2. Loving your currently! I'm also an OCD freak and love nothing more than starting that planner the first day, filling it all in with different colors I LOVE IT! Enjoy your laundry - URGH who enjoys laundry?!

  3. Well, sorry it took me a bit to stop by today. After I wrote my hubby said let's go upnorth. That means packing....and more packing. Now that we have both boats in...I can check out your blog. Super cute. I have to get to Target now for that plan book. Wish I was that organized. I love to next school year I will be getting an official sized classroom, not the teacher's lounge for science. I need some good organizing tips...have any to share? Happy 4th!

    Renee at The Science School Yard