Monday, May 9, 2016

How To Organize Your Computer Desktop

It is no secret we are a bit OCD.

It is no secret we like cute things.

Our OCD and love for cute things carries over to our computers! Several of you have noticed and asked about our computer backgrounds.

We thought we would share how EASY it is to make your computer cute and organized!

It is EASY, we promise!!!

We both have Macs but the following steps should work for PCs.

Design your background in PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, etc. Use whichever format your are most comfortable with!

Step 1:
Create a document with landscape orientation.
Inserted a rectangle shape and chose a background from your clipart. You can also use a solid color.
Keep a little bit of white space around the margins. 

Step 2:
Add a shape for each category you need. 
Use clipart shapes or shapes from the program you are using.
Minimal is better for this. If the shapes are too busy, you can't see your folders. 
* * TIP: Do not place your shapes close to the edges! 

Step 3:
Add text boxes to label each category.

Step 4:
Take a screen shot of your creation.
On MAC, the Grab Application works well:

              1. Grab
              2. Capture
              3. Selection

Step 5:
On your computer go to Desktop Settings. This is different on every computer but we are sure you know how to change your desktop background! 

This is a time when you might have to see if everything fits. If not, simply go back to your original creation and make adjustments as needed. 

Move your folders to their new categories!
* * TIP: When you are ready for a change, duplicate your original creation and edit it. That helps with the borders, margins, etc!

We would love to see your cute and organized Desktops or hear if you have any tips and tricks!

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