Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday 6

Hey all! We are linking up with Mrs. Wheeler for Saturday 6.
We do not go back to school until Monday so our 6 this week are some throw backs and some look aheads! 
Throw back to our room transformation before Winter Break. We have implemented a lot of big ideas since our visits to The Ron Clark Academy.

Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine's Sweet Shop was our first big room transformation. Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine were the first grade elves.
 To save us time and money preparing we used an empty classroom. Each class took turns visiting the Sweet Shop. If you work with an awesome team, I recommend doing this for your first big room transformation. It really saved us time and money!

We already had a few of the things. Everything else came from The Dollar Tree or Amazon. The key is use things that you can repurpose or reuse!!!

Each kiddo got to wear an apron and chef's hat. They looked adorable!!!

We had 4 stations set up. Each station reviewed skills we had been working on.
Pie Pan Retell

Pie Face Punctuation
**A favorite!**

Baking Up Word Problems 
Muffin Match Up
Our #OneWord is THRIVE. Read all about it {here}. It was a very honest blog post. We would LOVE to hear your thoughts.
We are in Florida. It is COLD. We are not handling it well.
We have been busy preparing for our return to school next week. January means snowmen! (Even in Florida.) Three of our favorite snowmen stories are Snowmen at Night, Sneezy and Snowzilla. Click each book for a closer look at the story.
If you want easy print and go plans for these three stories, click the picture below!
January also means time for Winter Word Work! The kiddos especially love BUMP, Freeze and iSpy.
Click the picture below to grab them for your classroom.
The Wild Card arrives this week!!! We cannot wait to read it. How about you? Click {here} to grab your copy!

We didn't want to keep the awesomeness to ourselves so we are hoping to host a Book Study with our colleagues. Check out our Donor's Choose Project {here}!

Our team shares planning. We each do the major planning for one subject. Then we chat, collaborate and make adjustments.

We started using last year.

We can share, edit, add links, add documents, add standards with a click...I could really go on and on!
Click {here} to check out its awesomeness for yourself.

You can sign up for a free month. It is only $12 a year after that. TOALLY worth it!

That is our Saturday 6. Make sure you check out Mrs. Wheeler's linky by clicking the picture below! Link up or just browse!


  1. Your ideas for the Sweet Shop are so fun! I love this idea...I am sure the kids had a blast!

  2. Thank you. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. The kids did have a blast!

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