Sunday, February 18, 2018

Classroom Transitions...Embrace the Chaos

Hey all! 
Meredith here. 

I typically have pretty good classroom management. 
I am sure it is because of my overly structured, controlling, OCD, persuasive personality. Yeah, persuasive sounds good.

By the end of September my first grade classroom can usually run itself. 

But this year........Even in January........

And I am not talking about major transitions. 
Just simple "move from your work spots to the carpet" transitions.

The words "time to transition" seemed to turn my sweet 6 year olds into gymnasts and ninjas. 

I could not handle it any longer. 

I decided to embrace the chaos! 

Music is used all day in my classroom. There are fun, upbeat KidzBop songs playing as the students enter the classroom each morning. There is classical music playing during writing or independent work. We have dance parties as brain breaks and celebrations. I even use chants and current songs as attention getters.

I thought about trying music for transitions. But honestly, Barney's clean up song was the first thing that came to mind. 

Not going to work. 
Not going to happen.

I began to think successful (a.k.a. safe) transitions with this particular group of students were impossible.....then it hit me......

I downloaded the theme song from "Mission Impossible". My transition playlist grew from there.

For quick transitions the "Mission Impossible" theme song is still my favorite. The students act sneaky like spies so they are quick and quiet. I tell them they have to be transitioned before the music stops. Sometimes they make it before the music stops and get a reward....they have yet to figure out that I stop the music when I want.
Don't tell them.

During pack up time we use a more upbeat song like "Moves Like Jagger" or "I Like to Move It". Those transitions are really when I must embrace the chaos. If someone was to walk into our classroom at this time, they might run away. For reals. It appears to be chaos.

It loud.
Students are running.
Students are singing.

Truth is, it IS chaos. But it is controlled chaos. The students get packed up and our room cleaned up in about 7 minutes. That was my goal.

The above playlist is from Amazon Prime Music. Prime Music is free with Amazon Prime. Best part.....There are no commercials!!!!!!!

I have a saved InstaStory on my Instagram page with more info about Prime Music. Click {here} to see it.

So this is still accurate.....
...but it is successful.

Its loud. Its fast. It works! I know it is going to be a chaotic 7 minutes. But if we can all get packed up AND get our room cleaned up with smiles on our faces AND without anyone being sent to the clinic, I call it success!

Do you have any transition tips? I would love to hear yours!


  1. Love it! I've been using Rockin' Robin for clean up time and it's perfect! I might have to add Mission Impossible to my music list!

    1. Rockin’ Robin is great! I’m going to add it. Thanks!!!

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