Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made It

It is time for 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It!!!!!

I was busy this weekend!  I should have been working on summer school stuff (8 days down, 8 to go...not that I am counting!) but this was much more fun.  Here are my "Monday Made Its"!

Part Whole Plates.
Kim made this one, I can't take credit but am going to make my own this week!  The plates come in several colors and are in the "summer" section at Wal-Mart (by the lawn chairs).  They are 2 for $1.  These pics happen to be for the "Story of 7" that we are sharing at a Math Workshop we are giving in August. We plan on posting some of our math ideas soon.

Table and Center Signs
 I have been eying the cute puffy tissue paper pom poms on Etsy to hang from my ceiling.  I even pinned how to make them myself, but then I saw these "fans" at Party City.  I made and laminated the circle signs.  A little hot glue and Ta I have something cute AND practical to hang from the ceiling!  (Ignore my little helper.  He was very curious and would not move out of the picture!)

How We Go Home Sign
I am going to use clothes pins (like on my new Behavior Board) so it can be changed easily.  (I know you have  kids that go home a DIFFERENT way EVERYday like I do!)   Sorry its not a great pic, I was in a hurry!



  1. I absolutely love your center signs... and what a great idea to use those fans. Too cute !! Thanks for sharing :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Your fans came out great! I just bought some from our local party store also to make for above my table. Everything looks fabulous!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I gave your blog an award. Stop by my blog to see!


  4. Love the center signs. Did you post pictures of the plates? They are not showing on my screen.

    1. I took it from a powerpoint to the Mac. I will try to repost it when I get to school this morning. Sorry!

  5. Your blog is so super cute! I just love it!
    I nominated you for a blog award, so please stop by to grab it, and visit. I'm your newest follower, too!

    First Grade Fairytales