Monday, August 20, 2012

Fantastic First Day

We had a fantastic first day.  Okay, my only criteria for it to be a "fantastic first day of first grade" is that everyone gets home safely, no one has an accident (the kind that requires a change of clothes from the nurse), and everyone eats lunch.
That all happened!!!!!
And I only had one crier......
and almost all of my students brought in supplies.......
and all 18 were total sweeties!  I could not be happier with the day.
(So happy that I am not even going to complain that 2 of my team members only have 13 or 14 students compared to my 18.)

We did not get to half of the activities I had planned.

The kids really enjoyed the First Day Jitters activities that we found on found on blogs, TPT and Pinterest.  Especially the Jitter Juice!  The cute Before and After Reading pages came from 1st Grade Hip Hip Horray!

Here is our Going Home Graph.  Making sure all of the kids get home the correct way is my main goal for the first day.  I ask each student several times throughout the day and make sure it matches what their parents told me at Meet the Teacher.  This is a cute way to double (okay, triple) check it!

I hope you all had a great first day, too!

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