Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ten Flashing Fireflies idea & a GIVEAWAY

Have you read Ten Flashing Fireflies?
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It is very cute and makes a great math lesson.

  • Give 10 *quiet* students a firefly.  You can also clip it to their shirt if you hot glue a clothes pin on the back.  Tell the class if they are really quiet they will be able to hear them's the googly eyes moving, but hey, it works;-).
  • Create a "jar" for the kids/fireflies to fly into.  Tape a jar outline on your floor, use a hula hoop or just an area of you classroom and pretend it is a jar!
  • As you read the story have one kid/firefly fly into the jar!  Encourage them to blink quickly like in the story.  We make our fireflies "blink" by shaking them.   Have them slow down their blinking when the fireflies do in the book.
  • At the end of the story all of the fireflies are released from the jar.  Call each kid away by counting back from 10 and have them "fly" out of the jar!

Click the pic below for your FREE copy of the activity pages for this lesson.
Mrs. Lilly over at Leaping into First Grade made these super cute fireflies!  Leap on over to her new blog and show her some bloggy love.

The template for the fireflies can be found in Number Wonders by Catherine Kuhns.   (This book is WONDERFUL!)  Sadly, it seems to be currently unavailable.  (Unless you are willing to spend $180 on Amazon...yikes!)  I am hoping she is just updating it.  You might want to try to order it from you Barnes and Noble store.  Let me know if you find it anywhere for a reasonable price!
Click here to purchase the the book from Amazon.  
Don't forget to enter our giveaway!  (And PLEASE blog about it!) We are at 98 followers.  We just might have to have another giveaway to celebrate if we make it to 100!!!

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