Monday, September 23, 2013

Open House

Today was a Teacher Professional Development Day.....I have no comment and will move on!

We had Open House Thursday evening.   Here are a few pictures of some of our activities we had displayed.

Fall Math Stories.  The leaves are from the Dollar Store.  (200 in a pack for $1, and they are stickers.  Can't beat that!  I am going to go ahead and buy some for next year.)  My super creative teammate cut out the trees for ALL of the first graders!  Freehand.  I don't know how she does it!
For my intervention group, we counted out 10 stickers to use.  The more advanced group just grabbed a handful and wrote their own math story.
Not educational, but super cute!  These are pretty sun catchers (on a sunny day, unlike the monsoon weather today).  We (the teachers) traced an apple on wax paper.  Then the students used watered down glue to "paint" their apple and add squares of tissue paper.  Next I laminated them and cut them out.   The kids cannot wait to make pumpkins, or maybe Frankensteins, next month!  If you are interested in more detailed directions, let me know and I will share!

11 Ways to Make 10
Honestly, these are trees and apples we had left over from family trees we used to do.  We just wanted to get them out of our fall bins!  However, I think they turned out great!  I just wish I had more room to display them!  One of my teammate's mom is a retired teacher.  She came in and sponge painted the trees with the kids.
Here is a closer look!

Family Glyph Houses

The white door has a picture and name of the student inside.   The families have to use the glyph key to figure out which house is their child's house before they "open" the door to check!
I have a brag to leave you with....Daily 5 is still going great!  I wish I would have done this years ago.   We are going to attempt our first "real rotations" tomorrow.  However, I have to is going to be Daily 3 in my classroom.  That is what I can see working in my classroom at this time.  This is mainly due to time constraints.  Maybe I can tweak something later in the year, but this is what I am going to start with.  I will let you know how it goes!


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