Sunday, October 13, 2013

Non Fiction Text Features and Giveaway!

This week we learned about Non Fiction Texts.  I used this unit from Kim Adsit's.  GET IT!!

Then we practiced finding non fiction text features with our Prove It wands.  Can you say Quick Formative Assessment??!?!?!!?!?  (I used books from our reading series and science series.  Some of them were at a higher reading level than my firsties, but it didn't matter.  The goal was to find the text features, not learn about the topic in their book.  I gave the students different books so they couldn't look at their neighbors.  Then we traded books and did it again.)  Photographs, captions, bold words, fancy words, headings, Table of Contents, index....Oh My!   We were little detectives.  Next week we will use sticky notes to find the features.  I let them add their books to their book bins (for Daily 5) when we were finished.  They were sooooo excited!

Don't forget to enter the Pencil Sharpener Giveaway.  It is almost over!  I would love if you could share the giveaway. :-)

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I am spending the rest of my Sunday by taking advantage of all of the sales on TPT and finding non fiction activities (and hopefully books) on spiders.  Any suggestions?
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