Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bats and Spiders Informational Non Fiction Unit

To wrap up our Informational Non Fiction Unit, we spent a week creating informational projects for a Gallery Walk.  (2 classes learned about spiders while the other 3 classes learned about bats.)  Each first grade student has at least one item displayed in our hallway. We have outside hallways, so we used hot glue, gorilla tape and a staple gun!

Our ideas came from Pinterest, units we purchased or things we created.  (Have I mentioned how creative my teammate Kathy is?)

WARNING:  Lots of pictures!

There are facts on each spider.

His abdomen is the circle map our class created!  

Spider Diagrams the students drew themselves!
Yes, they drew these themselves!

Some of our Spider Reports

Don't you just love her beginning?  She has a second page not shown here.  Here concluding sentence asked, "Now what you would do if a spider scared you?"

Spider Poems


There are facts on each bat.

This is the actual size of the largest bat.  Yikes!!!

Here are some of our Bat Reports:

These turned out BEAUTIFUL!

We hung a poster at the end of the hallway for other classes to leave comments about what they learned and enjoyed on the Gallery Walk.  I cannot wait to see what they write!  I am so impressed with our student's work and am excited to see their reactions when they see the hallway tomorrow!

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  1. This is absolutely AWESOME!!! The kids did amazing! Good job to all the first grade teachers! It shows how much the kids learned and Loved doing it!