Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apple Fun

Our week started with rain.  LOTS and LOTS of rain.  This is right outside our classroom door.  Thank goodness the rain let up early in the day.   (I could't get to my classroom when I first arrived at school!)

The rain did cool it off and make it feel like FALL just in time for Apple Day.....well, as much as it can feel like fall in Florida!  

We started Apple Day writing a recipe for Crockpot Applesauce.  This is the first time I have EVER made applesauce with my class.  I CANNOT stand the smell of cinnamon.  {GASP, I know!}  I searched and was able to find a recipe on Pinterest that uses vanilla and sugar.  

Things were going very well.  We were doing apple investigations, the apples were cooking nicely.....  
And then a very official gentleman with a clipboard walked into my classroom.  He said he was the fire chief and was here for a fire and security inspection.  

I MAY OR MAY NOT have been cutting an apple at the time.  I don't think he saw it, but let's just say between that and the crockpot cooking away, I was a bit nervous!  I was not called to the office by the time I left school Friday evening, so maybe we passed. ;-)

The good news is that the applesauce was YUMMY.  Only one of our friends wouldn't try it.  Of the 16 that did, 15 wanted seconds!

I also read The Little Red House.  It cracks me up that even though I KNOW my second graders heard it last year in first grade (because I read it to them), they were hanging on every word!

We spent the afternoon completing The Great Apple Investigation!

I know it is probably too late this year, but check out Cara Carroll's unit for next year.  Link is in the picture below.  It was perfect for my first and second graders.

After a taste test, we used Eric Bohrer's Apple Graftivity.  I think they turned out super cute!  Link is below.

So, Apple Day was a success.....unless I am called to the office on Monday.  I will keep you posted!

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