Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Main Idea

We started Main Idea in 1 & 2 this week. It always seems to be a difficult skill!  Of course I searched Pinterest for ideas. I kept seeing the circle maps with a question mark in the middle. I thought they were a great idea but since I am not exactly an artist I decided to create some with clip art.  I just LOVE clip art! 
After watching a BrainPop Jr. we played Main Idea Mystery with the circle maps I made. The kids did great. (I made them fairly obvious since this was an introduction!)  For morning work the next day the students created their own Main Idea Mystery Map. They loved that MY homework would be to figure out their mystery!
Since we have been learning about Johnny Appleseed we created a Main Idea anchor chart about him.  I tweaked the poster from a post I saw by Abby at The Inspired Apple!
Today we are going to find the main idea in pig & spider informational texts. (We are just finishing up Charlotte's Web!)

Do you have any "go to" main idea ideas? Would you be interested in the Mystery Main Idea maps I created? 


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  1. I think it looks like a neat idea since it is such a difficult concept for the kids to understand and get a grasp on sometimes. Way to go and yes, I would be interested in the Mystery Main Idea maps. Great Job!!!