Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jack Hartmann

JaCk HaRtMaNn came to OUR school today for a CONCERT!  Yes, our little ole school!  He did a concert for our Ks and firsties.  Every year he comes to town for a public concert (for about 2,000 people) and we TRY to go.  One of our awesome K teachers started looking into how much it would be for him to do a "private concert" (doesn't that make us sound like VIP's?).  The cost ended up being very reasonable, especially since we didn't have to charge for a school bus.  We did invite the school up the road so we had enough students (our principal is in charge of both schools).  My school is very small and pretty low income, so any experiences are a BIG deal to our little ones.  (When we went to see The Lorax last month it was the first time quite a few had been to a movie theater.)

Jack was awesome.  The kids and teachers (and even the administrators) had a BLAST!  Thank goodness it was an early release day because we wanted to continue our singing and dancing for the rest of the day!  Jack even gave the teachers a discount on his CDs and DVDs today.  Since he had some new ones available I had to send a kid a responsible adult back to my classroom to get my purse!  I purchased a new one for Transition Times.  It even has 2 Zero the Hero songs on it!!!!  Okay, I am done bragging now.

Head on over to my class blog to see videos.



  1. Wow! Can't think of anything else to say but "WOW!"
    Lucky you! =)

  2. Wasn't that fun! I am so glad that we had him come to our school. We must do it again next year. Derek said that he and his wife came to the beach again today for a free set up. He is performing at Pathways tomorrow. I think we are starting a new tradition for Jack.

    Abby is doing the penguin dance right now!

    :) Ann

  3. Your blog is soo cute! I've tagged you in a fun blog tag game...Stop by Educator Designs to join the fun!

  4. Hee! Hee! I tagged you too! You're it!