Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tagged and Math Night

We have been tagged!! Not once, but TWICE.  It must be because I wear flip-flops daily.  (Side note: Contrary to popular belief I CAN chase and catch runaway kids in flip-flops.  I have already done it twice this week!)
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I am not going to follow the rules.  (This is going to be very difficult for me as I am quite fond of rules and procedures, but I MUST!)  See, I was not only tagged in this fun game, but I was recently tagged for my ESOL certification!  Okay, our district calls it flagged, but tagged sounded much cuter for this post!  I have to comply by the end of April or it will effect my evaluation.  I am just going to say one thing:  I was recently tagged (like when it was cold out recently!) My last ESOL student is now in 6th grade......I teach 1st grade.......I am going to let you do the math since this post is also about practical real life math.  The district must have not played tag as a child.  My test is in a little over a week.  I have been neglecting my blogs and blog stalking so I can study every night.  Well, most nights!

Now for the fun stuff!  Last night was Publix Math Night.  Publix is our neighborhood grocery store chain.  Students come to the grocery store with their families and get to use their math skills IN REAL LIFE!  Sunshine, Sand and Scissors' very own Kim Fischer organized this popular event a few years ago and it is still going strong!  
When students arrive at Publix they come to our table and check in.  We give them the set of questions that were developed for their grade level by their teachers.   Then they run walk around the store to answer their questions.  It is great to see moms, dads, and big brothers and sisters helping them!   When finished, students return their questions to us, make a guess for the estimation jar and enter a raffle.   All winners are announced on the school news the next morning.  There is also a prize for the class with the highest percentage in attendance.  The store manager LOVES this event.  Almost every family has an arm load or cart full of groceries by the time they walk out!  The manager provided goodie bags for the kiddos as well.  We had about 100 students and their families attend last night.  Here are a few pictures!


By the way, there were more than just 1st graders who attended.  They are just the ones I have blog picture releases for!!

Do you have a Math Night?  What does your school do?


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  1. Awesome pics! Math night was so much fun! Now go study for your ESOL test!