Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last week the story in our reading series was about plants.  That happens to be what we are studying in science as well......that NEVER happens.  Since this week was a review week in reading, we extended our plant theme.  (I love review weeks.  I feel like I get to be so creative!)

Tops and Bottoms Character Venn Diagram.
This is not a center, it is just something we did in
whole group on Monday.
1:  Plant Needs Following Written Directions

Final Product!

2:  The Tiny Seed
I read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carl.  Students had to make a flip book that retold 6 different things that happened to a seed.  Sorry the picture isn't very good!

3:  Growing Correct Sentences
This came from Rebecca Sutton at  Students fix the mistakes.  I made a different recording sheet to adjust to our center.

4:  Parts of Plants Sunny Sunflower Book


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  1. Love the hula hoop venn diagram! I've seen that on Pinterest.
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