Saturday, November 2, 2013

Five For Friday

Five For Friday...on a Saturday.  There is no need for me to explain my tardiness to you.  You all are teachers who just survived Halloween like me!

First Grade created a Bats & Spiders Gallery Walk along our wall to wrap up our Informational Non Fiction unit.  If you want to see more, check out {THIS POST}.
To keep first graders academically engaged on Halloween, we held Super Science Spooktacular Day!  The classes rotated to each first grade teacher to do a science investigation.  They had  a blast!
Pumpkin Math and Science!  We spent several afternoons this week completing our Pumpkin Observation booklet (by Christina Bainbridge).  We predicted, measured, weighed, counted, and investigated every inch of our pumpkin!  Their favorite part was testing their sink or float predictions!

Here are a few of the entries from our Storybook Character Pumpkin Contest.  This was an optional family project.  We encouraged the pumpkins  be completed by the first grader with minimal adult assistance. I was impressed with our families hard work!

Fall...I miss it!  I grew up in Indiana.  Even though I have lived in Florida for 10 years, I still miss fall!  I REALLY miss it this year.  My air conditioner broke a couple of weeks ago.  It is not fixable and has to be replaced.  We had record highs yesterday.  90 something.
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Happy Saturday!

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  1. I live in Kentucky, and I wouldn't mind living in a place without fall! Fall means that winter is coming, and having lived in Indiana, you know how terrible that is! I hope you get your air conditioner fixed soon! That sounds miserable!

    I love the storybook pumpkins. Too cute!

    Blooming In First