Sunday, December 29, 2013

WInter Warm-Up Unit and a FREEBIE

Aaahhhhhhhhh.......VACATION!  I have enjoyed relaxing, spending time with family, relaxing, leisurely running errands, relaxing, staying in my sweatpants, relaxing, and reading!  Did I mention simply relaxing?
I have lived in Florida for 10 years, but this is the first time I have spent the holidays here.  I did miss having a white Christmas, but going to the beach ON Christmas made it a little better!  My family was here from Indiana and it was their first Florida Christmas too so we took full advantage!  We grilled out, took a jeep ride with the top down and went to the beach!

In between all of my relaxing I have also been creating some units!

First up is a FREEBIE!  I know the value and importance of a Word Wall.  However, with I Can statements, a million anchor charts, and student work, it is hard giving up an ENTIRE wall!  This year I have been using Portable Word Walls.  The kids love them and I LOVE having an extra wall!

Here are a few pics of them being used in action.
Mine are kept in a plastic 3 pronged folder.  Nothing fancy but they are durable!
The pages are placed in plastic sleeves....again...durability!

These are the ones I made at the beginning of the year.  Don't worry, I have "cutsied" them up for you!

I do not add a page until that season/holiday.  Before I add it, we talk about the words on the new page, so the kids are easily able to find the words they need.  
I have one folder at each table, one at the Teacher Table, and a couple more in baskets around the room.  The kids do great sharing them and reminding each other where to find words!
Click {HERE} if you would like it for FREE.  (I would appreciate feedback or a blog or Facebook follow!)
If there are any words you would like added or pages, please let me know and I will add them!

I also created a unit of literacy games to practice reading long and short vowel words.  They require very little teacher prep and are easy for students to play independently!

Click {HERE} to grab it for $4.
I better get back to my relaxing now!

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  1. I love your portable word wall! It is much cuter than what I currently use! Thanks! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac