Saturday, August 8, 2015

Assess Me - A Get to Know You Linky - Week 2

The Tattooed Teacher is hosting a fun Get to Know You Linky. Week 2 is an entertaining one....This or That.
**Jeans- Jeans are my favorite but I have spent most of the last year in long maxi skirts. I live in Florida. It is hot!  

**Earrings- A few months ago I would have said necklaces, but I have been branching out to chunky, bright, colorful earrings and bracelets. 

**Big Pimpin'- JZ's. I don't know Conan's!

**Silver- I am branching out though!

**City- I would love to live in a big city. (As long as I still got to see the ocean every single day!)

**In Store- Except the grocery store. I do NOT like going to the grocery store and will avoid it at all costs!

**Showers- I do not have a tub in my master bathroom. 

**Story Keeper- It is well known that I keep stories of my own and others very well.  

**Homebody- I like being a busy bee but I cherish my quiet days at home!

**Dinner- I am not a fan of eating in the morning or breakfast food. One morning during my first year of teaching a parent came in my room and saw me eating cheese and Chicken-in-a-Biscuit crackers. She included a box of them with my end of the year gift!

**Coffee- I am on cup two right now!

**Early Bird- Which also means early to bed!

**Done Up- My hair is almost ALWAYS up. Lice scares me! (And it is humid in Florida most of the year!)

**Lightning- I do not like storms but last week when our cruise was docked in Nassau the cruise ship next to us was struck by lightning. I saw it. It was crazy! We also saw a water spout on our day at sea. (Don't worry, neither caused damage and it was sunny almost every other second of the cruise!)

**Flats- I cannot and do not wear heels! I wear flip-flops almost every day. Since I teach at a beachside school it is acceptable.

**Airplane- I am terrified to fly and actually require medicine to get me on the plane. However, I am not a fan of long car rides so I prefer to fly!

**Girls or New Girl?- I have never watched either. I am not much of a TV watcher.

**Central Park- I have only been to NYC once but would love to go back and spend time in Central Park! Here in FL, I prefer Central Air.

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  1. Oh my! I think I would have fainted if I had seen that cruise ship being struck by lightning! The threat of severe weather makes me leave school early once the children are gone (instead of staying later like I normally do).
    Third Grade Whimsy