Friday, August 7, 2015

Name Plates

I found a new classroom helper I am so excited to share with you! Did you know you could design your own Name Plates at Really Good Stuff???? I could be really late to this party and the last one to know, but indulge me. I have only been home from my cruise for 24 hours and am already trying to rationalize planning another one! Coming back to reality has been difficult. Not only has no one offered to get me another mango daiquiri, I feel like I might already be losing my tan!  Oh the stress.

Okay, back to the Name Plates. I put the student's name tags on the back of their chairs for many reasons.....
I cannot stand them coming off.
It bothers me when they are picked at and get yucky.
They cause bumpy writing....

Please tell me I am not the only one! (Once again, please just indulge me, I am losing my tan here!)

I have always wanted to use the name plates that had "helpers" on them. I just didn't use them because they wouldn't be useful on backs of chairs. {{I am envisioning children trying to turn around to use them and falling out of their chairs. First graders fall out of their chairs when they are just sitting there. If they need to turn around several times a day I am certain I would run out of clinic passes before Halloween!}}

As I was shopping around on Really Good Stuff I came across a build your own option. I ended up buliding my own without putting a place for a name!
I used one side for Math helpers and the other for ELA helpers. I only ordered one for every table and the cost was around $16. I am going to laminate them so I should be able to use them for several years.

If you are interested in making your own, click HERE !

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