Sunday, November 24, 2013

Action Verbs with Pete the Cat

First graders always love Pete the Cat.  Since I did not get around to reading them at the beginning of the school year, I decided to use a couple of the books to reinforce action verbs.  It was a HIT!

First we listened to I Love My White Shoes.  Visit Harper Collins to listen to the Pete stories by clicking {here}.  They are great readings and they even sing the song parts.
Then I reread the story and we found all of the action verbs.  (Ignore the velcro dots, I used the poster I created last year for a character activity!)
The next day we listened to Rockin' In My School Shoes.  After reviewing the chart from yesterday, I split the students into small groups and gave each group a copy of the book, sticky notes and a smelly marker (because smelly markers make every activity more fun!)

This was a super activity for cooperative learning and gradual release, which happen to be major buzz words in my district this year.  I heard great dialogue while circulating during this activity.  I was impressed that they were all taking turns reading the pages and identifying the action verbs.  I even heard them helping and encouraging each other if they couldn't decide if a word was an action verb.  (Would have been an ideal time for an administrator to do a walk through, LOL!)
Finally we regrouped on the carpet and added our verbs to the chart.  They had to listen to what each group added to make sure they did not add the same verb.  They did GREAT!!!
We have a two day week this week!  I love that it is a short week, but there are so many cute Thanksgiving activities I have to cram into those two days!

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