Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Currently

It is time for Farley's currently!!!!

I love being able to watch The Today Show while I am catching up on Social Media on the weekends!  FYI the Today Show ended so I have Fixer Upper on. I do not care that I have already watched this episode a time or two or eight.

BIG Blogging News. I have a big announcement. I cannot wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

I LOVE teaching. You are thinking OBVIOUSLY.....but let me explain! I currently have a senior intern. She is doing a {fabulous} job. We are doing a lot of co-teaching during small group time but she has been doing all of the whole group instruction the last couple of weeks.
**I am not going to lie...I am getting A LOT done sitting quietly at my Teacher Table during whole group time!**
She had to leave early the other day. I got to teach all afternoon. I had SO MUCH FUN! SO MUCH FUN!

Jen and Kayla to make the Happy Go Teach Announcement. Have you guys heard about what they are doing? I am seriously beginning to feel like a stalker! Check them out on IG, Twitter or FB if you have not heard about their awesomeness. Just search Happy Go Teach or Jen Jones or Kayla Delzer.

It is raining. I need it to stop. I was supposed to fix/update the gutters today. I am getting ready to put my house up for sale. Gutters were on today's list. I had helpers all lined up and everything!

Happy Go Teach.....Yup, I have seriously reached stalker status!

Go check out Farley's blog to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. I totally stalk them too!! It's okay... It's all about improving our teaching. :)

  2. Hi Meredith! I just wrote the same thing for what I'm listening to. You just can't go wrong with a Fixer Upper marathon. Chip and Joanna are the best. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Teach Talk Inspire

    1. They are the best! I ask myself "What would Joanna do?" when house hunting and making design decisions!

  3. I love Fixer Upper....I do not watch much TV, I just don't have time (nor to patience to sit still that long), but whenever I am out of town, the only thing I watch on the hotel TV is HGTV :) Recently as I have forced myself to take some down time (I've been sick a lot the last few weeks due to plumb exhaustion), I have enjoyed many evenings laying in bed watching whatever is on HGTV. I like House Hunters and Property Brothers the best, but there isn't much on HGTV that I don't like.

    1. Same here! I usually have it on for background noise but HGTV sucks me in every single time!

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  4. I usually play reruns from anything HGTV wile I am catching up on my Instagram and Pinterest! I love Fixer Upper, too! I think we all do! Have a great April!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  5. We do not have cable and do not even get the regular channels, We only watch netflix and HBO go. We are wierd. LOL but they put some HGTV shows on netflix and I can see how they can be addicting to watch especially if you have an older home like we do! My husband and I are always talking about how we can update our home that was built in 1938! We installed a fan last fall and when I was up in the attic I found all the newspaper that they used for insulation...from 1938! The news stories were all about coming home from the war and super interesting!

    I was hoping to also find a million dollars...turns out, just old newspaper! LOL
    Hope you have a great April!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  6. HGTV is the best background noise when you're working on the computer!