Thursday, April 7, 2016

Teacher, I need help!

I am going to blog twice a week.

I am going to create a new product every week.

I am going to leave comments on other teacher's posts.

I am going to build my business.

** I had good intentions. I PROMISE! **

Yup, I have been saying those things for a year {or two} now. 

I meant it. I REALLY REALLY meant it.
you know.....

Life Happens!

So, I decided to do what my students do.
Teacher, I need help!

Not just any help. I told one of my teaching and real life besties I needed help!

Hip Hip Hooray!
Deep Breath....Aahhh!

My thought was two heads are better than one. And two people are more productive than one. And we will hold each other accountable.

Guess what?!?!!?!
It has already worked! We have:

  • Made a schedule
  • Brainstormed blogging ideas
  • Brainstormed product ideas
  • Worked out the logistics (FYI she is a planner, list maker, and a little OCD like me!)
{Can you tell I am taking Kelli Alaina's Get It Done with Grace course AND stalking Sheila from Sheila Jane Teaching?} If you are not familiar with them, check them both out by clicking below!

Christy will be here Monday to introduce herself. She is very excited to meet you all!

Until then follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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