Friday, April 22, 2016

Five for Friday - April 22

Hey everyone! We are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday again this week!

 First Graders are doing a Social Studies/Science/ELA Project Based Learning Activity. Since we are learning about economics in Social Studies and plants in Science the students are going to start a business selling plants! 
To kick off the project we had a local business owner come and talk to the kids. 
The coolest part... the business owner is in Middle School. 
AND...he went to our elementary school! 
(I have to admit I think its pretty cool to say a former student started his own business before he could even drive!)
He owns Schmancy Pops. They are DELICIOUS! You can check out his website by clicking the picture below. They brought a sample pop for EVERY first grader!

Kindergarteners were working hard this week on classifying objects into categories, counting the number in each, and sorting each category by count. I am always looking for fun and hands on ways to teach math concepts. While looking, I came across this product. It was perfect for what we were doing! The students loved that they got to sort each card and then record the results. I had them work in pairs and then report their “findings” to the class. Check out the product I used below as well as another pack that is included in the bundle by A Kinderteacher Life.

We celebrated Earth Day today! We began by making a craft after we read about Earth Day. They loved painting the Earth. Then we had a discussion about how we can help the Earth. We came up a few ways to help at school. We started today by recycling our breakfast trays. They were very proud of themselves for helping!

We had a VERY special visitor. 
Jack Hartmann.
The real actual Jack Hartmann! 
He put on a concert for our Kindergarteners and First Graders. 
If you are in Florida, look into him coming to your school. It was a very reasonable cost and the kids absolutely loved it.

Do you need NO PREP First Grade Math Practice Pages and Assessments? 
We posted a new product this week for Measurement, Data and Geometry.  Check it out. It is only $3.

Go check out other Five for Friday Link Ups by clicking the picture below.  Happy Friday y'all!


  1. love those earths for earth day!! thank you for linking up ♥♥

  2. That graphing activity is so adorable! Everything the kids need!

    Stacy @Made with Love

  3. That's so cool that a middle school student owns that business! What a great idea when you live in Florida!

  4. Jack Hartman! My guys know every song and would drown him out with their singing if he came :) Lucky you! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom