Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello all!

Hello all!

As promised, I am here to introduce myself to you all. 

My name is Christy. I am very excited to meet and follow all of you! I am joining Meredith to contribute to Sunshine, Sand and Scissors. I can’t wait to start developing things!

All that you have been told is true. I’m a planner, I always have to make a list, and I might just be a slight bit OCD. My kiddos even aide my obsession!

A little more about me. I have taught for six years. Three were with another teacher. Then, I moved to another school and I have taught three with my own class. I have taught second grade, first grade, and kindergarten. Those of you doing the math out there, yes. I have taught three different grade levels in three years. Let’s just say I have become quite the expert at packing! 

As Meredith said, we made a schedule. 

We have been sticking to it.

We have even made some things. Stay tuned to see what we have created!

I am rather new (well not really new) but have just started adding to my Instagram and Twitter. Head on over to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to follow us!

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