Saturday, July 2, 2016

School's Out Blog Blowout

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Don't you just LOVE Ron Clark? 
Have you READ Move Your Bus? 

Our principal recommended we read it. 
It was a total game changer! 
We could definitely identify ourselves as certain people on the bus. 
The biggest takeaway was that we could identify our colleagues as different people on the bus. 
Like we said....GAME CHANGER! 
If your colleagues are not exactly like you, you NEED to read it!

Are you busy preparing for Back to School? 
{Don't judge. We KNOW this is a School's Out Blog Blowout, but let's be real. Teachers start thinking about the next year on day one of summer VaCa!}
Grab our Back To School Forms Limited-Time Freebie by clicking the picture below.

1.  Plan with Pretty Pens
Our OCDness and love of pretty things REQUIRED us to buy these pens. They are perfect for our new planners! 

2.  Be Kids For a Day
We cannot WAIT to go see this movie! Any other adults out there feel this way?

3.  Soak Up Some Sun

At the beach of course! Our school is located just off of A1A and we see the ocean every morning on our way to school. We plan on having many beach days this summer!

4.  Fixer Upper 

While visiting our friends Chip and Joanna IS on our Bucket List it will not be crossed off this summer. We both moved into new classrooms over the summer. We felt they need a little fixing up. Since we are obsessed with our friends Chip and Jo, we thought we could do our own version of Fixer Upper. We painted parts of our classrooms. Thankfully our principal LOVED it. He even encouraged us to paint more!
{{Anyone else refer to Chip and Jo as their friends 
or should we be put on some sort of stalker list?}} 

5.  Anchors Away

We will be teaching Summer School the entire month of July. We start school the next week. We are sneaking in a little cruise in the few days we have off. Living an hour from a port definitely has its advantages! We are having a little giveaway the week before we leave. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss out!

Want to Win $100 TPT Gift Card??? 
{Silly question, we know!}
Click the link below the picture.

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  1. I know what you mean about referring to TV personalities as your friends - my husband and I do that too - just with the American Pickers, Mike and Frank, instead. :) :)


  2. I've had to move into a new classroom this summer, too. I'll be watching what you do! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Enjoy your beach time! It's on my summer bucket list, too!

  4. Pretty pens make planning much more fun - enjoy your summer!
    Adele - Smart Teaching

  5. That cabinet is adorable. Makes me think that we need to do a trading classrooms where we deck out each others' rooms...