Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tell All Tuesday Answers!!

Hey everyone! We linked up for Tell All Tuesday.

This week was fun......

Here are our answers to Two Truths and Lie!

We are both teaching summer school....TRUTH!

Maybe one summer this will be us.....

But not this summer.

Christy is teaching Kindergarten CSI and is lucky to have several of her kiddos from last year. CSI stands for Comprehension and Science Investigation. It is a very hands on program where the kids do reading and math but get to spend most of their day doing Science. There are lots of Science Investigations. The things they are doing with the iPads are amazing. We can't wait to use them in our classrooms next year!

I (Meredith) have taught summer school almost every summer I have been teaching. For the last two years I have been the CSI Coach. I am basically the school's liaison with the county, the organizer, problem solver, fire putter outer and supply finder! I get to visit all of the classrooms throughout the day to see what fun things the teachers and kids are doing. It is a nice change for the summer. My OCD and logistical side loves it! The only downside is that I have to carry around a radio.
I am not a fan.

Our Summer School program runs for four weeks. The weeks are four day weeks. We both LOVE the three day weekend part!

First Grade is our favorite.....TRUTH!

Yup, first grade is both of our favorite grades to teach. Christy has taught K, 1 and 2. I have taught 1, 2 and a 1/2 combo. Even though I will be teaching a 1/2 combo again this year I am part of the first grade team and my classroom is in the first grade hallway!

We love winter......LIE!

Our blog is called Sunshine, Sand and Scissors for a reason.

We live in Florida.

Our school is a little beachside school. It is located just off of A1A.
{{Anyone singing Ice, Ice Baby? BEACH FRONT AVENUE.}}
We get to see this every morning.

Beachside schools are pretty unique. Our school just celebrated its 60th anniversary. That means it has survived the sun, tropical storms and even hurricanes for more than 60 years!

One very unique thing about our school is that our hallways are outside. Our classroom doors open directly to the outside.
This means our transitions can be very hot. (Florida in August. If you have ever visit then, I do not need to say anymore.) Most of the winter months are gorgeous and make up for it. When most of the country is buried in snow we are enjoying our outside walks to lunch or Special Area.
Our transitions can also be very wet. We have awnings over most of our hallways, but it is usually pretty windy because we are so close to the beach. Most teachers keep rain jackets and rain boots in their classrooms.

Here is a picture of our classes in the hallway last year so you get a better idea. (We were decorating the sidewalk for our third grade friends getting ready to take the FSA.)

We would love to hear what is unique about your school!


  1. I'm in Florida right now! You surely mustn't like winter! In Chicago we have all the seasonal extremes but nothing like this humidity!

    Enjoy the rest of your hot, hot summer!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!

  2. I am so jealous of your beautiful view!! I am learning all about humidity moving from Arizona's dry heat to Texas' moist heat (if that even makes sense). I can only imagine what your heat must feel like.
    Happy Friday!
    It’s Kinder Time